The Future of Pickleball In Sussex County

Do you play Pickleball in Sussex County?

If so, one of the most important things that we can do right now is to get involved in the Sussex County Comprehensive Plan to make sure that our wishes and needs for permanent indoor and outdoor pickleball facilities are included in the Plan’s development. Take a minute and share your comments! 

Have a Voice In Sussex County!

It's Easy: Click In The Sussex Website Below, scroll down to where you can comment: Click on "Capital Improvement Plan" and then select the "recreational and open space" section to submit your input.

Click Here To Submit Your Comments:
< Sussex County Plan >

Please be as detailed as you can be on why we need dedicated outdoor and indoor permanent courts that have heating, air conditioning, appropriate lighting and rest room facilities and why these courts are critical to the population playing this sport. It is also imperative that we ask for a surface that is body friendly to support our bodies... think Ocean City and Kent county's Recreation centers. We are so envious!

Other reasons you may want to include are the many health benefits from playing this game such as  improved agility, balance, stamina, focus, and laughter.  Also include losing weight… because pickleball is so fun it becomes a  good reason for losing weight that makes sense; others automatically begin losing weight just from the increased activity alone.  In addition, we have heard of people getting off of their diabetes medication, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol.  Our aging brains need a good diet, exercise , and a social community.  Pickleball offers great exercise, instant community, social inclusion and contributes to overall emotional well-being.

If you have not seen the story on Delaware First’s Check Out The Video: 

I think that we can attest to the fact that this community is a year round destination that requires indoor recreational facilities for the many who have retired here and live here year round.  We want an active adult recreation center that features a large number of permanent pickleball courts  In addition, permanent outdoor pickleball courts with lighting would offer  extended play and great summer fun!

It is the responsibility of the Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commission to listen to what the citizens of the county want and need, and to include these wants and needs in the Comprehensive Plan.  Recreation Centers are a real public service that provide its citizens a safe inviting places to gather and play in their community, at a reasonable cost.

If we do not make our needs and wants known, they will not be heard. Your input will truly matter so please do it now.  Here is the link again:  < Sussex County Plan >

Please contact me if you have questions, concerns or comments!
Kathy Casey     
President First State Pickleball Club, Inc.
301-518-3434 (cell)