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Skills and Drills on July 30 - a Huge Success

Forty members enjoyed a Saturday morning workout that presented new drills, challenging them to become better players. This clinic used an instruction-practice format that gave the participants additional time to put their skills in action.  Feedback was strongly positive.  Here are cue words and phrases used by the clinicians.  Hopefully this will remind the participants of the instruction and drills so that they can do some drill work on their own and with friends.  

Click here to see the cue words/phrases.



Certified Instructors/Coaches:

If you are interested in receiving instruction to improve your skills and/or move to a higher rating, perhaps you would like to hire one of these instructors for personalized coaching click here.

Pickleball Referees and Line Judges

If you are a certified Pickleball Official or Line Judge, please contact De Raynes at

Serving in an official capacity at tournaments is a great way to give back to the sport you enjoy. If you are interested in joining a group that will learn and practice referee or line judge techniques, please contact De at

JULY 30, 2022   3.5 Clinic Pictures

July 3.5 Clinic 2022
JULY 30, 2022 3.5  Clinic
July 3.5 Clinic 2022
Skills and Drills - 7-17-21