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We strive to promote the development of the sport of Pickleball through participation, training and good sportsmanship.

New to this exciting sport with a funny name? Well, welcome to the fastest growing sport.

Pickleball is a combination of table tennis, badminton and tennis.  It is played on a court that is much smaller than a tennis court and that makes this sport very attractive to the over 50 crowd. The paddle is an oversized ping pong paddle and the ball is similar to a whiffle ball. Anyone can play, it is easy to learn and the players are typically welcoming and very helpful to newcomers.

Our focus has been on offering clinics and community demonstrations to promote pickleball. In addition, holding tournaments, challenges, and organized play. Our other focus has been to advocate for additional venues around Sussex County. FSPC also organizes social activities off the court for an opportunity to get to know each other better. This includes significant others who don’t play and are open to meeting the other pickleball addicts.

The first dilemma for our club was to find places to play. There were a few small venues in the Sussex County area but the biggest accomplishment was the renovation of the JM Elementary school tennis courts in Frankford, Delaware, through member contributions financially and the physical labor to create 10 permanent outdoor pickleball courts. Please look at our Sussex County pickleball history on this website for more information about the founders of our club and the development of pickleball in the Sussex County. It is an extraordinary journey with the pioneers of pickleball’s explosive growth over a limited time.

Pickleball is a life changer for many people because it is fun, great exercise, improves agility and balance, challenging to our brains and great for overall emotional well-being. We know that this game has made a tremendous difference in people’s lives for this generation who does not want to just sit down.

So, welcome to our pickleball community. We hope that you will join us in continuing to promote the game, increase the level of play and practice good sportsmanship, in a game that just let’s you laugh and have fun.

If you think you want to play, contact or one of our Ambassadors and they’ll guide you in the right direction.

Or, give it a try & sign up for an Intro to Pickleball class at Sports at the Beach! View Schudule >