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Bylaws for the First State Pickleball Club Inc.


Article I – Name

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the First State Pickleball Club Inc.

Section 2. This club shall be operated as a nonprofit organization run by volunteers and in accordance with applicable Delaware State codes. No one will receive compensation or travel expenses of any kind.


Article II – Purpose


Section 1. To promote the sport of pickleball in a safe environment and in a sportsmanlike manner; provide the opportunity for all members to learn and improve their play and encourage social pickleball throughout the community.  To solicit public/private donations and conduct fundraising activities in support of a pickleball complex in the area of Sussex County to further the FSPC mission.


Article III – Building Membership


Section 1. Membership will be open to all players in good standing without discrimination as to race, religion, color, ethnic culture, sexual orientation, or national heritage, and each member shall have one vote.


Section 2. Members shall abide by the First State Pickleball Club Inc. Bylaws, “USAPA Rules and

Guidelines for Pickleball Court Play”, actively support and participate in Club functions.  As a member of the First State Pickleball Club, Inc., a certain standard of behaviour is expected that reflects the basic requirements of sportsmanship, integrity, courtesy and respect to be shown to all other members, competitors, officials and the public. Without limiting the basic requirements of sportsmanship, integrity, courtesy and respect, matters of conduct likely to reflect unfavourably on the game include:

  • Bad temper, foul and abusive language
  • Failure to adhere to the rules and etiquette of the game of pickleball
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct and unnecessary gamesmanship
  • Physical violence and threatening behaviour
  • A person engaging in any behaviour that may be detrimental to the game of Pickleball or the First State Pickleball Club is in breach of these Bylaws and subject to rejection from the FSPC.

Members will not use this Club for personal gain. No advertising on Facebook, FSPC Website, Newsletter or any other Club literature or publications will be used unless authorized by unanimous vote of the Executive Board of Directors and such sponsorship or advertising fees are paid in full. All Club correspondence sent to members will not contain materials promoting a business. The Club will only accept sponsorship from and promote itself to businesses which promote a healthy well-being. All revenue from any pickleball entity (other than an official legal business or corporation) instituted by a member, will become property of the club and any expenditures will be approved by the officers of the First State Pickleball Club Inc.


Section 3. Membership will be terminated by voluntary withdrawal, non-payment of their dues or assessments, violations of the provisions of these bylaws, violation of published rules, guidelines and regulations promulgated by the First State Pickleball Club Inc.


Section 4. Club members may invite a guest to join them (1) time playing pickleball as long as the club member accompanies them at the court during membership only play times.  Guest must allow club members priority on the courts. Guests must sign an insurance waiver.


Article IV – Meetings


Section 1. There will be a minimum of four (4) meetings per year open to the entire membership, dates and times determined by current needs. Meeting minutes from all meetings will be kept by the Secretary and forwarded to all members in a timely manner.


Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the President or upon request of at least four club members.  Such meetings shall have at least three days notice to members regarding time, place, and agenda.


Section 3. An annual meeting shall be held in December or January for the purpose of electing officers, fees, assessments, and general planning for the season’s activities.  Only club members in good standing will be eligible to vote.


Section 4. A quorum shall consist of at least three Executive Board Officers and any of the club membership that shows up.


Article V – Dues & Assessments


Section 1. The amount of dues and fees assessed each member shall be determined annually by the Executive Board and ratified by the membership.  Timely payment of dues by each member shall be required for members to be in good standing.  The “USAPA Rules and Guidelines” shall be made available to each member through the Club’s website.  The new yearly fee sheet will be posted on the Club’s website

 The present yearly fee is $25.00 annually or $15.00 for six months for members living in another state for six months of the year.

Article VI – Officers and Their Duties

Section 1. The Executive Board shall consist of: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Any active member of the Club is eligible for these offices. At least one of the President/Vice President officer group is required to be a year-round resident residing in the state of Delaware.


Section 2. The Past President shall remain available in an advisory capacity either in person or via phone or email for one year following their Presidential term.


Section 3. Terms of office shall be two years from February 1 through January 31.  Vacancies in any office may be filled by the President and ratified by a majority of the members at the next scheduled meeting. All Officers and Members at Large must be full time Delaware residents.


Section 4. All positions will be in effect as noted at the beginning of the club. President 2 years, Vice President 3 years, Secretary 2 years, Treasurer 3 years, Member at Large 2 years. Maximum for any position held will be 4 (5) years (2 terms) unless by unanimous vote by membership. Board Position: (all will end January 31 and start February 1)


President.                    2016 – 2017                   2018 – 2019                   2020 – 2021

Past President.                         2016     (advisory capacity only)                                                              

Vice President.                         2016 – 2018                   2019 – 2021                   2022 – 2024

Secretary.                     2016 – 2018                   2019 – 2021                   2022– 2024

Treasurer.                     2015 – 2017                   2018 – 2019                   2020 – 2021

Member at Large.          2017                             2018                             2019

Section 5. Duties of Officers:


  1. President: Shall assume Club leadership, preside over all club meetings, appoint chairs of committees, call special meetings as needed, and generally be a spokesperson for the Club.  He/she shall be responsible for coordinating with other clubs as needed.  He/she shall be responsible for reviewing “Guidelines and Rules” for Club’s activities when there are safety concerns or other requirements not covered by the Bylaws. This position will monitor the website, Facebook and all other correspondence to ensure it adheres to the high standards set by the FSPC and in accordance with the Bylaws. This position will oversee the marketing and advertising with those committees.


  1. Vice President: Shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence and assists the President concerning Club functions as necessary, responsible for coordinating court play, tournaments and events.


  1. Past President: Shall serve in an advisory capacity to help the new President in completing his duties as President.


  1. Secretary: Shall record minutes of Board and Club meetings. Responsible for determining if a quorum exists at meetings and shall notify membership of changes to the Executive Board.  This office is responsible for sending and posting Club notices to all Club members and transferring all records to successor upon completing of term.   This position will help the President monitor the website, Facebook and all other correspondence to ensure it adheres to the high standards set by the FSPC Club and in accordance with the Bylaws.


  1. Treasurer: Shall collect dues, assessments, disburse all funds and provide a monthly detailed financial report to the Executive Board; submits year-end financial reports to Club membership at the Annual Meeting.   This position submits a yearly budget to the Executive Board for discussion. Creates, maintains and updates membership directory. Transfers all records to successor upon completion of term.  Shall make copies of all checks and issue receipts for all cash dues received. Pay all bills as they become due. File Company Annual Report as required by Delaware. File annual tax return for non-profit business. Help protect the confidentiality of members’ personal information.


  1. Member at Large: Shall assist the Officers in achieving Club goals and effecting policies and/or decisions made by officers. This position accepts responsibilities for club assignments as delegated by the president, shall be a working member of at least one club committee, attend all club and committee meetings for which they have responsibility, support and provide continuity to the club officers work by fulfilling the envisioned future strategic plan and policies established by the club, mentors and is available to provide advice to club volunteers. This position is accountable to the membership by virtue of election. The term of office shall be (1) one year. Each Member at Large will have a vote. In such case more than one Member at Large is from the same household, only one vote will count.

President and Treasurer: will be authorized use of a First State Pickleball Club Inc. bank credit card. All purchases for FSP Club will be limited to $500.00. All purchases exceeding $500.00 will need authorization from the Executive Board of Directors. Credit Cards will not be used for personal use.


Article VII – Committees


Section 1. A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President at least sixty (60) days prior to the January Annual Meeting.  The committee shall consist of at least three (3) members, and submit a nomination for each office to be filled thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting for posting.  If more than one nominee per position, then paper ballots or Sign-Up Genius will be used for collecting the votes.


Section 2. The President may appoint special committees as needed.

Article VIII – Fiscal Year


Section 1. The fiscal year of the Club shall start the 1st day of January and shall end on the 31st day of December that year.


Article IX – Amendments


Section 1. The bylaws may be amended by two-thirds majority vote of the members in attendance, with an explanation and discussion of the proposed changes.

Article XI – Dissolution


Section 1. On dissolution of the club, all funds remaining in the treasury shall be distributed to a 501 (c) 3 selected by the Executive Board of Directors.


Section 2. Any equipment loaned to the club shall be returned to the lender.  All other equipment purchased or donated to the club shall be given to the current membership to use as needed.

Adopted by the Club            November  16, 20171    _                               Susan Nancarrow                                                                                                                                       Date                                                      Secretary