Marion Lisehora Queen of Pickleball

player-badge-pickleball Marion Lisehora in Coastal Point

AUGUST 20, 2016 

At 84, Marion Lisehora Still Rules the Courts

Marion Lisehora is not the average card-carrying AARP member. Then again, there wasn’t really anything average about Marion Lisehora before she was eligible to carry an AARP card anyway.

Since her youth, the D.C. native and long-time Millsboro resident has stolen the show in recreations ranging from softball and field hockey to swimming and soccer.

She’s won state championships in basketball, been part of a doubles balancing act with her late husband, Tony, while attending the University of Maryland—College Park, and even famously rode the “Diving Horse” off the Steel Pier in Atlantic City for four summers before taking the act to the Sunshine State.

For the last few years, however, and now approaching the equestrian-inhibiting age of 85, the only thing golden about this girl has been her Senior Olympics medals.

The mother of five, grandmother and, now, great-grandmother has been competing in the Senior games in volleyball since 1993 — medaling all the way — and eventually entered the pickleball ranks when the sport was added three years ago.

It’s on those pickleball courts that her nickname, “The Queen Mother,” was born.

“I call Marion ‘the Queen Mother of Pickleball’ because she is the very first one to support a new venue in the area, the first to support a tournament or a beginner’s clinic where we volunteer our time to help others,” said the First State Pickleball Club’s Vaughn Baker, the beginnings of a slight smirk drawing across his face before his next comment. “In fact, she’s first in everything except complaining about aches and pains.”

Gearing up for the Delaware Senior Olympics in Dover this September, Lisehora currently schedules her days around when and where she can play pickleball; often signing on for a morning session at one court before going on to play an afternoon set against some new competition at a different facility and even somehow sneaking in the occasional half-mile swim.


Coastal Point Article, Date Published: August 19, 2016 By Tripp Colonell Staff Reporter

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