Toys for Tots Tournament Fun!

Pickleball players are very determined people. Despite snow all night and most of Saturday players arrived safe and sound to play.


Congratulations to all players for supporting a great cause! 
Dudley Sluder – thanks for a fun filled event!
Thanks to SATB for providing the venue and delicious pizza as a added touch of fun!

Women’s Doubles
MXD Toys for Tots

Red 1st Worman / Krzyzewski
2nd McClintick / Casey
3rd Ferguson / Miller
Green: 1st Boothe / Poteet
2nd Brooker / Woodruff
3rd Jenkins/ Carkin
Blue 1st Luparello / Conner
2nd Hodakievie / Spetz
3rd Conte / Melson
Pink 1st Dolce / Ansbach
2nd Snyder/ Radosevich

3rd Gillespie / Claire

Men’s Doubles

Men's Doubles
Red 1st Frank Creamer / Kevin Reading
2nd Rick Bell / Charlie Biddle
3rd Bruce Smart / Chic Stearrett
Green 1st Don Bates / Mike Beisle
2nd Patrick Sokoloski / Thomas Garasic
3rd Jim Knab / Bob Cook

Mixed Doubles

Red 1st Diane Milam / Brett Stonefeister
2nd Linda Rhodes / Paul Turner
3rd Mel Milar / Mike Jump
Green 1st Bobby Thompson / Sherry King
2nd Nancy Bradshaw / Bob Bonnes
3rd Kathy Casey / Bruce Smart
Blue 1st Geoff Goddson / Jean Burgess
2nd Roseanne Melson / Charlie Melson
3rd Thomas Gaasic / Whizzy Burrous
Wow! This was a very exciting event with lots of great play!