The “Better?” Pickleball Player

A PickleBall Player Poem – By Vaughn Baker

There is something that I must get it off my mind,
Because so many who play this game are kind,
The novice wants to improve their pickleball game,
And the real better players want to do the same,
In our sport they are expected to mix and play down,
At least two or three games, with a smile, not a frown.
There are some who think themselves above this chore,
And they express it as if it as tedious, a snore and bore.
How else is the novice expected to learn this great game,
Unless they are challenged with a higher rated guy, or dame.
Truth be told, some of the “better players” are not that good,
Novice, that is the very first thing that has to be understood,
Their greatness is between their ears, in their head,
While they charge around the court, with feet of lead,
The novice should just practice, and become very good,
Then  beat the pants off them, regardless of their hood,
So get moving, drill, condition, and do your own thing,
Then beat those “Better Players” and make it sting,
It wont take that long to practice, drill, and get better,
Before you send them their Retirement letter!
Credit & Courtesy of Pickleball Coast

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