FSPC Spring News

From our Social Committee: We all had a great time at Lefty’s!  Who knew that one could have so much fun bowling!!  Well, I should know given that this was with pickleball players who know how to laugh and have so much great fun.


Thank you to John Crawford for getting us such a sweet deal at Lefty’s and inviting us to have such a fun evening.  There were a lot of laughs.  Thank you to the entire Social Committee for all the hard work you put into getting us out and about in the community for some crazy wonderful good times.

Please be sure to thank your social committee for such a great year of events!
The Social Committee is looking for some additional volunteers so if you are interested please reach out to De Raynes at deraynes@aol.com

Words cannot express how grateful we all are for the time and energy that it takes to put on one of these events.  This has been such a wonderful year of fun in every one of these events. Thank you to all on the Social Committee for making this such a special year

Now, on to the Beach Blast 2017

We are sold out!!!  Wow!  What great support we are getting from the pickleball community.  We will be having open practice on May 19th from 3 PM on at the Dave Marshall and Fitness Center at the Plantations.

Sarah Ansboury will there on May 19th from 3 PM to 5PM to “play with the locals”. Weather permitting, we will be outside on the main court to watch play and at 5PM we are offering a cookout menu for a social to kick off the Beach Blast tournament.  We will be sending out a Sign-Genius to sign up and pay via PayPal.

The pool will be open, courts open for play and just some fun for FSPC members and all of the visiting pickleball players in town for the weekend.  Hope that many of you can make it out for fun time.

Thanks to Mike Jump and Nick Papson for handling all of the registration and tournament play set up on www.pickleballtournaments.com.  They are both amazing men who happen to love pickleball and will be playing in the tournament.  Yay to their passion for the game and handling this tournament.

Local Clinics Led by the Pros: 

Sarah Ansboury is one of the top female pros in the country in both Women’s and Mixed Doubles.

Clinic will be held May 22-26 out at Sports at the Beach Sarah Ansboury will be offering clinics, semi-private.  Here is more information and link to register:

To Register : Click Here > 

For More Info :  Click Here

Prem Carnot “Pickleball Guru” of   “Smart Pickleball”

July 11 – 13 out at the Clayton Courts.

Sign Up through our website: http://www.firststatepickleball.org/event/prem-carnot-clinics/

Here is what people say about Prem’s clinics so let’s sign up before this sells out.

FSPC Clinics  Local weekly clinics are being planned for the next couple of months out at Clayton, Sports at the Beach and Plantations/Dave Marshall’s. We will be sending out a Sign-up Genius for each one so that everyone knows that they have a place in the clinic.  Based on your feedback, we will be focusing on improving your level of skills and use of them in your game.  So many of us get stuck at just hitting like we are playing tennis when we all know that the game can be much more!!

Like….dinking!  It really does work and gives you a tremendous advantage over your opponents.

One of our goals is to help players improve their level of play by incorporating the specific skills and strategies of pickleball.  For me, getting to the kitchen line is the hardest part for me and utilizing dinking requires patience.  Not always a strength for me but I am working on it.  In the past two years, I have been so excited to watch the level of play in so many players rise to another level.  I am not just talking about our top players but many of the new to the game players who are growing leaps and bounds in their play.  Makes me want to puddle up when I think about it….

  • Nights with Nan is back out at Clayton Courts from 4 PM every M-W-F!!!
  • Skills & Drills every Monday ( Intermediate.advanced) and Tuesday Nights ( beginners) at Sports at the Beach
  • Georgia is offering intermediate and advanced clinic for FSPC members on Monday evenings out at the Lewes Canal courts at 5 PM. 

Player Safety: 

  • Protect your eyes!!!  If you see someone wearing protective eyewear, they most likely have had a close encounter with an errant ball of a paddle.  You can simply pick up a pair of glassless frames that would interfere with a pickleball getting through the frame to your eye.

Here is a video: “Protect your Eyes” from the Elliotts (Engage) website: http://www.pickleballinstructions.com/enough frames to prevent the ball from reaching your eye for those not wanting to deal with any risk of a lens fogging up.

  • DO NOT go backwards for an overhead because if you fall down you may land on the back of your head and that is BAD!!  Here is a video by Deb Harrison on how to take a side step to run back for the overhead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvbLkPA2cpo
  • Do some stretches and warm ups before you get onto the court.  Most people hurt have not stretched.  It does not take much effort and it will keep you on the court much longer than those who do not.
  • Wear court shoes to avoid an injury.  Court shoes are all flat on the bottom and will help you keep your entire foot attached to the court surface.

Pickleball Advocacy

One of the functions of our club is to advocate for more indoor and outdoor pickleball facilities in Sussex County.  As the senior population continues to grow with all of the retirees moving here, we need and want more facilities for play.  Our focus is always to keep costs affordable as best we can.

Please remember to make your wishes known to your county council member and to the Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commissioners who are working on the Comprehensive Plan.  Simply go to the website and put in your comments about the need for permanent pickleball facilities.  The link is available on our website www.firststatepickleball.org  or you can go there now: http://sussexplan.com/

Sussex County does not have a recreation budget.  That was fine when this was only a summer tourist destination but now is a year-round community. Your input matters.   Builders have been very happy to build homes for seniors to buy.  We make up a very large percentage of the home buyers.  While it is wonderful that developers are putting in pickleball courts, it does not address the larger community need where we like to hold clinics, Challenges and tournaments for all to play.  We need to let the Council know that we really want an active, healthy lifestyle that includes permanent pickleball courts both indoors and out.  Please, do make sure that you get your input into the survey because it does matter.

Volunteers Needed

We really need your help in small tasks that are completed over time.  We are sending out a Sign-Up Genius so that you can easily sign up for areas that you would be interested in helping out.  Please consider one of the areas needed.

If you have special skills that you think would be a help, please reach out to us and let us know. You can contact Kathy Casey at kathycasey12@comcast.net if you would like to talk it over.   We need you!

US Open Pickleball Championships 2017

This is  great video summary of the event that we attended to support friends playing and just have the experience of being there.  I cannot tell you what a wonderful experience it was to just be there among the 1300 players playing.  Yes, that is correct – 1300 players!!!! Watching the Pros play was an amazing experience.  Their patience and finesse was so beautiful to watch.  Hanging out with Kim Gruber, Pink, Anne Pikolas, Lynn Casey, Jean Burgess, Marisa Chaves, Chiqui Gavilin, Marsha McLauren and Hildy Forman, Mary Conte and Deena, and Karen Gustafson was just so much fun.  We have already discussed our plans to head out next year! Joe Steel and his wife were there to watch the Gold medal matches on Sunday.  Mike Jump took Silver in the Men’s Singles – 50+ group!!!  Marsha and Mary took Bronze in Women’s doubles!  Irma Hernadez and Jane Jump also played in WD and were great in their play.  Tony Hernandez and Cheryl Tubbs, Rhonda and Keith Johnson played in MD as did Karen Gustafson and her partner from FL.  Can you believe how many FSPC players and attendees there were at the US Open Pickleball Championships?!?!

Well that is it for now.  Please Like Our First State Pickleball Club Facebook page for more updates and news!

See you on the court!! 
Kathy Casey
FSPC President