Engage Pro Team Pickleball Event

Hello from just Outside of The Villages,

Please share Thank You 😊Coach Mo ,Coach Matty ,and Coach Jay enjoying teaching a clinic in the Villages Fl today .Please call Coach Matty to come visit . 178 courts all levels . Room and bath for rent min 3 day stay at Coach Mattys house . Couples or a single . 443-373-1988

Posted by Matty Klein on Monday, December 5, 2016

Just finished a three day Engage Pro Team Pickleball Event with Brian Staub, Marcin Rozpedski, Matthew Blom, Robert and Jodi Elliott and Coach Mo. This clinic was put on by Engage Pickleball owned by Robert Elliott and his wife Jodi. We took advantage of the 25% discount offered to FSPC and drove to The Villages for three long days of Pickleball with the 5.0 pros. It was 4 hours of instruction and two more hours of open play. One could also have open play at 7 am but we opted to show up at 8:30 AM for the clinic. Let me just share with you what an amazing event this truly was for us. We were treated to a three game exhibition by Brian and Matthew against Marcin and Robert. Wow!! Words do not describe the speed, agility, finesse and power that they demonstrated. Then they shared with us what they did and why.

Our breakfast and lunch was included each day and we were treated to a dinner and dance to a live band on Saturday night. We had a blast with everyone and got to have a photo op with the pros. We learned that Matt Blom is like a Zen Master who can sing “Brown Eyed Girl”, do the electric slide and has the best serve in Pickleball. Matthew taught us about focus and body mechanics to improve power. His lessons were really about allowing your body to do the work and to use your hand as your paint brush to create artistry with the ball.

Marcin Rozpedski is a very tall 5.0 player who is Polish so he has a wonderful accent. Marcin’s voice remains in our heads with his repeated instructions to get your paddle out and up! He suggests that you hold the paddle out in front so that you can always see the back of the paddle. Never let it get out of your sight. A great tip for those of us (me) who likes to take the paddle way back so that I can crush a hard ball. Not so good because you lose control. Block it. Punch it.

Brian Staub shared that we should keep our paddle always in front of our body. He suggested that we pretend that our hands are going through a window so that you keep them within a range and so that you can have them out in front. Robert and Jodi taught us to Move. Freeze. and Block. We also learned the critical need to bend your knees and to stay down. The critical need for using the split step. They were also all about muscle memorization by practicing your movements in front of a mirror everyday for two weeks so that it just becomes a part of you. Glad I can do this is the privacy of my own home… We also learned about strategy and reminders. We got stickers to put on our paddles: “Stay down” “Knees bent” “Patience” ” 75%” “Paddle up Stickers can be obtained to on the Engage Pickleball site for $5.00 with some preprinted stickers like what I shared and some blanks for your own reminders. Don’t forget to use your 25% off by putting in FSPC as the promo code. They stick to the side of your paddle where you can see them and can be easily removed.

Encore Blade Goes Mainstream!
Encore Blade Goes Mainstream!

There will be more clinics and the Elliott’s plan to offer 3 to 4 clinics each year. Each member gets 25% off of the retail price so put in the promo code FSPC. It was well worth the trip and we met people from all over the country. The pros were kind, generous and so helpful in working with each person to improve their ability to raise their skill level. Who doesn’t want to get better?

Robert Elliott, who is a 5.0 player designs all of the paddles, so he knows what players need and want to improve their game. I am coming home with “The Blade” for a demo paddle that you are welcome to borrow. To learn more about our clubs offer go to our website: www.firststatepickleball.org and look on the right side under sponsors where you can find discounts for our membership. This is really and incredible deal from the Elliott’s that is offered to our club members. Don’t forget!

That is it for now. Have a great time playing and best wishes for all of the players competing on the 10th at Dave Marshall’s!

Hope to see you on the courts!